SAVEARTH DIAMONDS 33 Carat to 62 Carat 5MM Round Cut Lab Created Moissanite Diamond Tennis Chain Necklace For Men


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Introducing our Tennis Chain Necklace for Men, crafted with 10K Solid Rose Gold and adorned with 5MM Round Cut Lab Created Moissanite Diamonds. These diamonds boast a Clarity of VVS1 and a Color grade of G-H, ensuring brilliance from every angle.

The Tennis Chain Necklace features a total Carat Weight of 33.00 Cttw and is meticulously set in a Prong Setting, secured with a box-with-tongue-and-safety clasp for added safety and convenience.

This exquisite necklace makes the perfect gift for any occasion, including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, engagements, weddings, and more. It’s a timeless piece that suits any style, whether worn daily or on special occasions.

Each necklace comes elegantly presented in a gift box, and our dedicated customer service team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Should any issues arise, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us—we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Elevate your jewelry collection with our Moissanite Diamond Tennis Chain Necklace—a symbol of luxury, style, and enduring craftsmanship.

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Choosing lab-grown diamonds or moissanite over natural diamonds offers several compelling advantages:

  1. Better Quality: Lab-grown diamonds and moissanite are meticulously crafted to ensure each stone exhibits exceptional clarity, brilliance, and color, resulting in high-quality gems that rival or surpass natural diamonds.
  2. Durability: Due to their controlled growth environment, lab-grown diamonds and moissanite often possess greater purity and structural integrity than natural diamonds, making them more resistant to damage and wear over time.
  3. Sustainability: Opting for lab-grown diamonds and moissanite supports environmentally friendly practices by reducing the need for diamond mining, which can have significant ecological impacts. Additionally, lab-grown gems are conflict-free, ensuring ethical sourcing and production.
  4. Affordability: Lab-grown diamonds and moissanite typically cost significantly less than natural diamonds of comparable quality, making them accessible options for consumers seeking luxury jewelry without the premium price tag.

By choosing lab-grown diamonds or moissanite, consumers can enjoy the beauty, durability, and ethical peace of mind that comes with sustainable and responsibly sourced gemstones. As a company committed to innovation and sustainability, SAVEARTH aims to lead the way in providing high-quality, conflict-free gems and jewelry to customers worldwide.

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Moissanite vs diamond

SAVEARTH DIAMONDS 33 Carat to 62 Carat 5MM Round Cut Lab Created Moissanite Diamond Tennis Chain Necklace For Men In 10K Solid Gold, 16″ to 30″ Length, Color : G-H, Clarity : VVS1


Moissanite offers several advantages over traditional diamonds, making it an attractive choice for jewelry:

  1. Brilliance: Moissanite possesses a higher refractive index than diamonds, resulting in greater brilliance and sparkle.
  2. Resistance to Dirt: Moissanite is less prone to attracting dirt and grime compared to diamonds, retaining its brilliance for longer periods between cleanings.
  3. Conflict-Free: Moissanite is sourced ethically and is guaranteed to be conflict-free, providing peace of mind to conscientious consumers.
  4. Affordability: Moissanite is significantly more affordable than diamonds, offering similar beauty and durability at a fraction of the cost.
  5. Durability: With a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, moissanite is second only to diamonds in terms of hardness, ensuring its longevity and resistance to scratches.

By choosing moissanite, consumers can enjoy stunning, conflict-free jewelry that offers exceptional brilliance and durability at a more accessible price point.

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High Quality Moissanite

We only use high quality D colorless VVS-VS Clarity Lab Grown Moissanite in our jewelry to give you the best shine and look. Each piece is carefully inspected for superior quality. These gems are so durable they can last you a lifetime!

Metal Used

All our jewelry is made of either Sterling Silver 925 or 10k/14k Gold. Each of our listings mention the metal and for reassurance all our pieces are hallmarked.


Jewelry is the perfect way to show someone how special they are. It makes a lovely gift, whether it is for Valentine, Christmas, Birthday or simply to say ‘I love you’.

Jewelry holds a special significance in our lives, serving as a symbol of love, connection, and personal style. The SAVEARTH DIAMONDS 33 Carat to 62 Carat 5MM Round Cut Lab Created Moissanite Diamond Tennis Chain Necklace for Men in 10K Solid Gold embodies elegance and sophistication, making it an ideal gift for various occasions.

Whether it’s Father’s Day, a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas Day, this exquisite necklace is sure to make a memorable and heartfelt present. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, each piece showcases the timeless beauty of lab-created moissanite diamonds set in luxurious 10K solid gold.

Express your love and appreciation for your father, boyfriend, fiancée, husband, or any special person in your life with this stunning necklace. Its versatility and timeless appeal make it a cherished keepsake that can be treasured for years to come.

Give the gift of lasting elegance and style with the SAVEARTH DIAMONDS Tennis Chain Necklace, and let it serve as a reminder of the unique bond you share with your loved one.

Additional information

Item display length

16 inches



Metal type

Rose Gold

Clasp type


Chain type


Gem type



10K Rose Gold : 16 INCH

10K Rose Gold : 18 INCH

10K Rose Gold : 20 INCH

10K Rose Gold : 22 INCH

10K Rose Gold : 24 INCH

10K Rose Gold : 30 INCH

10K White Gold : 16 INCH

10K White Gold : 18 INCH

10K White Gold : 20 INCH

10K White Gold : 22 INCH

10K White Gold : 24 INCH

10K White Gold : 30 INCH

10K Yellow Gold : 16 INCH

10K Yellow Gold : 18 INCH

10K Yellow Gold : 20 INCH

10K Yellow Gold : 22 INCH

10K Yellow Gold : 24 INCH

10K Yellow Gold : 30 INCH


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